31 Days of Halloween, Day 14

As long as I’ve been playing RPGs, the tavern has been the center of more plots than I am willing to admit. What is it about having a PC drinking a good ale and hearing a good story that leads so quickly to adventure?

nicubunu_Beer_mugToday’s vignette comes from Little Spaces: Tavern Trouble, but spun in a strange way very quickly.

  • Sense: Sight
  • Spin: Neutral
  • Mood: Somber
  • Descriptive element: Brawler
  • Sense Descriptor: Punctured

I used a couple of great online random generators to help:

And that led me to this…

“The Ogre’s Cask was known for its all-out barroom brawls from time to time, but it was rare that someone would meet such an unfortunate end. Alwyn was a miscreant – a man whose only redeeming factor was the ability to drink a keg of good ale in less than 5 minutes and not make a mess in the tavern where he achieved the feat. But somehow in the night’s revelry he’d taken a broken bottle to the chest…

By the time the dust had settled, Alwyn had bled out on the tavern floor. A man reduced to a puddle of blood and a spilled drink. Nobody remembered who might have done it, but they hadn’t lost anyone in so long that it was hard to remember what to do.

When the local reeve stopped by to investigate, the crowd had fled and gone home to sober up. But it was what they found inside the wound that surprised everyone. Alwyn was not alone inside his skin.

The investigation revealed that inside his chest there was a small creature holding tightly to his heart, with a direct line to the brain. What was the strange, tentacled thing and how did it get there?

Whatever it was, it was dead now, like Alwyn. But what did it mean?”

Quite honestly, I’m not sure where the tentacled “thing” came from that they find inside the dead man’s chest, but my muse sometimes throws things in I wasn’t expecting!

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