31 Days of Halloween, Day 12

Welcome to day 12 of this challenge I’ve set for myself in the month of October. A vignette or short piece a day describing a place, event, or individual who might be useful to a mystery or horror campaign just in time for Halloween. We’re a third of the way through and going strong!

Great Image of a Blue Tie on a Dark Suit from The Moi Shop

Great Image of a Blue Tie on a Dark Suit from The Moi Shop

This one comes from Insta-NPCs #4: Henchmen & Minions, which helps GMs and writers come up with more unique helpers for our villains and villainous organizations. This one came from three main concepts:

  • Body Type: Talky (Mouthpiece)
  • Feature: Signature item
  • Motivation: Family ties

Funny enough, watching Gotham, I think this guy would fit right in with Carmine Falcone and Fish Mooney…

“The ‘Blue Dove’ is a known quantity in the City and someone you don’t usually want to run into on the street. He’s known as the Dove because when you see him, his very presence denotes a portent of some kind… But there are two things you should know about him.

First, he always wears a visible piece of blue clothing – usually a blue tie, scarf, shirt, jacket, or hat. The choice depends on how he feels that day, though there have been many theories revolving around which article offers a hint as to his intent – an ‘omen’ if you will – though so far nobody has proven anything definitively.

Second, he works for Gentleman George, a notorious mob boss known to call the shots in the City. When the Gentleman makes a move, he sends the Dove in first to try and smooth things over. If things don’t go smoothly, he sends in his heavies to settle things for good.

The Dove always knew he would do whatever the Gentleman asked. After all, it was the family business and the Gentleman was his father. But someday things would change and the Dove would wait politely for his time to fly free…”

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Hoping to create your own ideas? Check out Insta-NPCs #4: Henchmen & Minions or any of the rest of the Insta-NPCs line of products!

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