31 Days of Halloween, Day 10

Welcome to the next in this series of Halloween-themed vignettes. Each offers a glimpse into some of the darker corners of my brain, while using Moebius Adventures products to prod my muse a bit. It’s been quite an interesting journey, I must say.

johnny_automatic_sailing_shipToday’s entry comes from Little Spaces: Shipwrecks. (Though you wouldn’t think that a shipwreck could generate a horror or mystery-themed idea, I think this proves otherwise. 😉 ) With a few rolls I came up with Hearing, Forecastle, and Howling to work with…

“In the stormy darkness, the cargo ship didn’t stand a chance – tossed like driftwood atop the waves against the rocky shore until the hull broke wide open. The crew was busy abandoning their posts, diving o’er the sides not sure where they might land. But as the forecastle was tugged back to sea, every hand heard their Captain howling back at the wind.

He was never found and only a bare few survived the night.

Now, years later, the point is considered haunted by their ghosts. Locals swear they have heard the Captain scream in the wind when any storm hits the area and they still find remnants of the ship and cargo washed ashore when they are hit by a really strong storm.

Some have reported seeing a dozen or so ghosts searching the shore, still looking for their lost Captain…”

I’m a fan of this sort of geographic detail that adds local color to an otherwise normal part of the world, aren’t you?

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