31 Days of Halloween, Day 1

oldmanandflashlight1915As Halloween approaches, I’m working through the month of October a day at a time, creating tiny vignettes of descriptions, encounters, and NPCs that might be used in a horror- or mystery-themed adventure for the holiday. Each will be based upon a Moebius Adventures product and the entire 31 days will be released as its own product on Halloween or immediately thereafter.

Today’s is based on Little Spaces: Scary Basements

The combination used is: Sight, Animals, and Wet.

“As you enter the room, the floor feels wet and sticky beneath your feet. Any light you carry is reflected dimly on the walls with a reddish tint as you discover a large puddle of blood pooling in the center of the room. Looking around you see piles of dismembered furry creatures in each corner, silently contributing to the pool a drop at a time… Who or what could have done such a thing? And why!?”

Looking for other ideas in this challenge? Check out the 31 Days of Halloween category!

Want more creepy descriptions? Check out Little Spaces: Scary Basements or the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts and stay tuned for whatever horror tomorrow brings

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