31 Days of Halloween 2015 – The Setup

“Crunchy Ghosties Crew Set to Explore Old Asylum Ahead of Planned Demolition”

The old asylum off Murray Road has lain dormant for decades. It was shuttered after a series of newspaper exposes in the late 1970s revealed irregularities in treatment of many of the patients who came to call the place home. Stories leaked of some awful experiments on unwilling patients. Some had been there for twenty years or more, living entire lifetimes within its walls. The outside world had no idea the horrors occurring inside the walls. And in 1979, the Angel’s Mercy Mental Hospital closed its doors for the last time.

the-asylum-dramascapeIn 1991, the holding company responsible for securing the facility from unwanted visitors had some financial problems and temporarily halted nightly patrols. That lasted a week. A group of teenagers found their way inside. Six went in. Only one survived. And she is now a resident of the city’s modernized health care system under 24-hour care. Regular patrols were reinstated and actually increased in frequency after that.

Now in October 2015, a crew of ghost hunters has somehow managed to gain access through the holding company. They will start an expedition into the ancient building on October 1st, recording their findings on audio, video, and with the latest technological advancements. Afterwards the holding company will begin efforts to demolish the buildings. Competing plans for the area involve replanting a groomed forest on the site or starting a new housing development with parks, shoping, and more.

A group of picketers have already announced plans to block their entry for fear of another incident like the one that happened in 1991.

Nightly reports will be posted to share anything found by the team. Stay tuned.


Looking forward to another 31 Days of Halloween challenge. It was a ton of fun last year! This year I’m exploring The Asylum map from DramaScape. This is a fantastic map full of interesting nooks and crannies to explore. Be sure to check out all the amazing maps available from the DramaScape crew!

Once again, I’ll be using Moebius Adventures products to help inspire some story for each room as I work my way through a month’s worth of posts. I suspect a good deal of that inspiration will come from the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts, but we’ll see what else comes into play if I get stuck.

I’m approaching it from the perspective of a Ghost Hunters-style approach. Last time it was a tour in a haunted house. This time we’ll explore an abandoned mental hospital with a troubled past… What could possibly go wrong?

This starts October 1st – so tune in regularly for the series!

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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween 2015 – The Setup”

    1. @RPG GM – It’s going to be fun playing the part of a ghost hunting crew. I’m sure they’ll get into lots of trouble before I’m through. 🙂

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