2017: A Year in Review

Wow, what a year. Thought I’d take a step back and take a look to see what we accomplished this year at Moebius Adventures.

A few numbers:

  • 1 successful Kickstarter (Aliens & Asteroids) with 142 backers — with about 25,000 words and 39 pieces of art in the works
  • 4 product releases (Mazes & Perils Holiday Special 2016 for M&P and 5e, The Snake’s Heart (Revised for Mazes & Perils), The Treasure Hunter (new class for Mazes & Perils), and the Aliens & Asteroids Quickstart), bringing us to 64 different titles & bundles available for sale
  • moebiusadventures.com saw 1100 average monthly page views, 735 average unique visits per month, and nearly 13,000 page views and 9,000 unique visits overall
  • more than 1900 downloads for the year through DriveThruRPG and its family of sites
  • more than 170 downloads through the Open Gaming Store, including a successful bundle that raised a good chunk of change that helped pay for Aliens & Asteroids artwork
  • a handful of downloads through the Paizo store
  • one sale through the Moebius Adventures website
  • Total: somewhere around 2200 downloads for the year

There were a few firsts for me, including a few interviews and games run online with new friends at Victory Condition Gaming, AetherCon, and elsewhere. Running a successful playtest campaign of Aliens & Asteroids that’s developed into a regular, weekly group at Petrie’s Family Games since August 2017. We even found time to run an infrequent but fun campaign of Mazes & Perils.

Plus, I even was able to help out a little bit with Tiny Dungeons Second Edition, providing an adventure for that wildly successful Kickstarter from Gallant Knight Games.

Yes, it’s been a good year. 🙂

And 2018 is looking like it’s going to start out gangbusters as well…

  • Aliens & Asteroids Core Book release to Kickstarter backers in February 2018 and then more widely available
  • My first convention appearance as a publisher at the Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium (LTUE) in Ogden, Utah, in February 2018
  • Several upcoming releases for A&A
  • More madness for Mazes & Perils

Yes, this is going to be another crazy year. I’m ready. Are you?

From all of us here at Moebius Adventures, we wish you all the best as well as a safe and happy New Year filled with tons of gaming! Thanks for all the support!

An update now that I’ve checked all my numbers…

  • Net sales went up 13% from 2016 (I attribute this to my big bundle sales at DriveThru & the Open Gaming Store back in May, which helped fund a few projects)
  • Total downloads is down 28% from 2016
  • Expenses ballooned this year. Definitely not looking as green as in years past. But hopeful that we can balance out again in 2018
  • Web traffic rose about 2.4% – tried some advertising using the d20pfsrd Advertising Network and will likely experiment a bit more in 2018

So a mixed bag as far as the numbers go, but I’m definitely pleased with the direction we’re headed!

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