20 Dungeon Ideas to Explore

Lately I’ve been hung up on the concept of the traditional “dungeon” in RPGs. Sure, occasionally we might explore the maze of tunnels beneath a castle that actually was a dungeon – meant for the trapping and torture of individuals who worked against the royal folks who lived in the castle itself – but how long has it been since any of us actually did that? I don’t remember the last time, unless it was in a computer game.

So it got me thinking… What other types of dungeons are there?

Open medieval prison doorAnd that led to this list…

  1. Actual dungeons beneath a castle
  2. Catacombs beneath a church
  3. Steam tunnels running beneath a building complex, such as at a college
  4. Sewers
  5. Mines
  6. Storage complex
  7. Buildings buried by earthquake, volcano, or flood
  8. Fortresses
  9. Slums
  10. Temples/Churches
  11. Underground cave complexes
  12. Subterranean lairs
  13. Crypts
  14. Bunkers
  15. Battle trenches
  16. Water supply conduits
  17. Smuggler’s tunnels
  18. Animal warrens
  19. Root or wine cellars
  20. Sea caves

Any of these sound interesting to explore? Let me know in the comments and I’ll detail one using the crazy Moebius methods you’ve come to know and love… 🙂

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3 thoughts on “20 Dungeon Ideas to Explore”

  1. What about an abandoned underground city? (Example: built by dwarves but abandoned when they dug too deep and found something so vile they had to leave).

    1. MoebiusAdventures

      @Paul – Love it. Let me think on that one and I’ll get started writing something up in the next week or so. Thanks for the suggestion!

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