10 Hooks For Things in the Dark

As I continue work on the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts, I’m constantly coming up with new examples for plot hooks, events, and encounters… Here are ten I came up with over the weekend based on the elements list in Little Spaces: Scary Basements and expanded lists of sensory descriptors.

  1. Little Spaces: Scary BasementsThough you can’t see into the darkness at the bottom of the stairs, the unmistakable stench of animal waste wafts up from down below… (Smell/Animals/Waste)
  2. The light of your torch reflects off a piece of steel resting on a pedestal in the center of the room. You can’t help but touch the blade, admiring its smooth, flat, perfect blade. This is a master’s work and a fine weapon. But could it be more than a sword? (Sight-Touch/Weapon/Reflection-Flat)
  3. As the last foe falls in a clatter of arms and weapons, you notice that the door leading out  is slightly ajar. A strong odor has spilled in, giving the air a strange, distasteful flavor. What is in that next room? (Taste-Hearing/Exit/Tough-Clatter)
  4. From somewhere deep in the complex you hear the sound of dice clattering across a table. You can’t help but wonder whose fate has been determined… (Hearing/Game/Deep)
  5. Flickering light bounces off a million reflective flecks in the stone of the ceiling, casting everything in a prismatic glow. The walls are chill to the touch and an oddly pungent spice fills the air. Could this be the place where the cult holds their secret rites? (Taste-Sight-Touch/Lighting/Smothered-Near-Chilled)
  6. An old bundle of clothes lies discarded and musty in the corner. When you examine them, you discover they are more than twice your size and they reek of sweat. (Smell/Clothing/Foul)
  7. Built into the side of the room is a strange little cabinet filled with curiosities. Toys, weapons, and holy relics are but a small part of the collection. (Sight/Storage/Quaint)
  8. From somewhere down the hallway ahead you hear echoing chants building in layers, culminating in a mighty crack, a moment of silence, and a bloodcurdling scream… (Hearing/Religion/Crack)
  9. Shelves are piled high with boxes, bags and jars, each filled with some sort of brightly colored bead, rock, or herb. Opening any releases a variety of scents into the air, from sweet to spicy, savory to spoiled… (Smell/Kitch/Bland)
  10. The workshop contains a pair of tables laden with tools a metal worker may need and the blacksmith’s daughter sits smiling in the corner, noisily banging two tools together to create sparks. It’s only a matter of time before the whole room is consumed by flames… (Hearing-Sight/Tools/Noisy-Static)

Feel free to use any of these in your own games. Who knows where they may lead!

For more hooks along these lines, check out Little Spaces: Scary Basements or the associated random generator and see what your imagination comes up with!

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